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We are pleased to inform you that starting from 2020, the SPECTOS Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. company is the exclusive representative of the AMS Kranbau GmbH company, a German crane manufacturer, for the territory of the European Union, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

The SPECTOS company has been providing installation and welding services for the shipbuilding, power and offshore industries, in their wide meaning, as well as for the petrochemical industry, gas industry, and industrial construction, consisting in installation and prefabrication of steel structures. The trust that we have built allowed us to establish cooperation with companies all around Europe, while our passion and the will to develop enables us to implement successfully even the largest projects. This brochure will familiarise you with the most important features of the AMS cranes.

We provide professional consulting and support at each stage of making a choice!



Spectos - Tower cranes

For more than 25 years tower cranes have been manufactured at the Arneburg factory. More than 1000 luffing and jib cranes have meanwhile left the production halls and have been exported worldwide. In 2003, the family-run AMS Group took over the location of the former Potain and BKT crane production on the adjacent property. As a former supplier, the AMS Group also took over the specialists, founded AMS Kranbau GmbH and has since been producing under a new name.

The high level of vertical integration in the manufacture of the cranes characterizes the AMS and is guaranteed by the group. This distinguishes AMS Kranbau GmbH from other crane manufacturers and results in a high degree of flexibility towards the customers. From cutting, through mechanical processing and preservation to final assembly, everything is done by qualified personnel at the Arneburg site.

Experienced, motivated and highly qualified colleagues in production and engineering are the basis for the successful past and the promising future. Due to the flexible production structure and the project engineers, customer wishes can be implemented quickly. Customer-oriented design based on the latest industry standards and project support for planning special applications are part of the repertoire.

AMS Kranbau GmbH goals:

  • Satisfaction of our customers
  • Highest possible quality
  • Continuous improvement

The entire production is also subject to quality guidelines according to ISO 9001:2015. One focus is on the welding quality, with which AMS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2. In addition, all our cranes are CE certified. Compared to other German or Western European crane manufacturers, AMS Kranbau GmbH is more flexible as the cranes can be individually modified.

The customer can receive a so-called „fit to purpose“ product at a reasonable cost. This means that the crane is attractive from an economic point of view both in operation and in purchase.


Every AMS tower crane is designed and produced in Germany. The design of the crane is made in-house, the electronics development is done in cooperation with our partner NTK. The products are designed according to EN 14439 and proved by an independent third party.

Besides the standard range shown on the following pages, there are more models and hoist units available. Furthermore AMS is able to design the crane to the customers need.

The advantages of a flexible production and modular design result in the ability to fit the crane to each customer and building site.

Spectos - Tower cranes

Highlights of the cranes are:

  • Light weight design and high efficiency of the steel structure
  • Transport-optimized
  • High technical stability and long lasting components
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Standard 2 fall reeving for 6 ton to 20 ton
  • AK models are topless trolley cranes
  • ATL models are topless luffing cranes with unique advantages
  • All products can be equipped with “Lebus”-design hoist drums for high hook height
  • Drives and gears from western European production (SEW, Leroy Somer) with high performance
  • Frequency inverter technology for all drives for energy efficiency
  • Redundant safety devices
  • Blackbox, slipring transmitter, Electrical wind free mode, wind measurement, work area limitation, 2nd load curve
  • Optional: remote diagnostic module, air conditioning, central lubrication system

The heart of the crane is the control station and the electronics – both inside a luxurious cabin as standard at AMS tower cranes. The operator takes place inside an optional fully air-conditioned dual Cabin with integrated but internally separated control house. Inside the generous panorama cabin, the operator will sit on an ergonomic control seat with modern control elements. A touch screen is used for the display of the important crane functions as well as for the adjustment of the crane parameters and electronically safety devices. During operation the current position of the trolley, the height of the hook block, turning angle and load are shown permanently. Further the load reserve can be seen.


The edge-profile of the S16-mast system is a welded rectangular profile. It can be used for smaller cranes and less requirements on free standing heights. This standard product is very light and measures 1.6 m from corner to corner. Sections are available in 6m or 12 m length.

The „M“-mast system measures corner to corner 1.5 m, 2.0 m or 2.5 m. Its edges come in an H-beam profile, measuring from 140 mm to 260 mm width. For projects where more free standing height of the crane is needed, this system is the best.

The H-form uses its material properties the best. It gives the most possible surface to transfer the resulting forces and allows extremely high free standing cranes. With adapter frames and adapting mast segments a combination of different mast dimensions is possible. Standard hights for the “M”-type mast are 6 m and 12 m.

All AMS mast segments are connected through two tie rods on each corner and up to the M20/26 all sections fit into a standard container.

Besides the extensive program of masts, of course appropriate enhancements are available, e.g. foundation anchors suitable to the dimensions of the edges of the mast, foundation crosses, undercarriages or portals. Bogies for the undercarriages are available for each type. Furthermore internal climbing units or external climbing cages are available. The designs of the upper cranes allow that the trolley respectively the luffing jib can position the mast section to be inserted by its own.

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