About us

About us

We provide welding and assembly services for a wide range of industries. Spectos contributes to the development of building entire facilities and structures for domestic and foreign partners. Upon a customer’s request, we can deliver completed orders to an agreed destination using our logistics.

We perform services at our partners’ sites, mainly in Poland, Germany and Sweden, at all times expanding our business activity. Our production building lets us to construct and pre-fabricate steel structures that weigh 25 t, are 15 m long, and 6 m high. We are now in the process of developing a new modern 400 m2 manufacturing shed.

We are a group of well-trained professionals. An education in Shipbuilding has given us all of the theoretical and practical foundations in the field of manufacturing processes. Moreover, many years of experience gained in the largest high-profile plants around the world has enabled us to build the best foundation for our business. As a result, we can handle the most responsible challenges presented to us by our partners.

The quality of our services has been confirmed by certificates and standards required for implementing technological processes.

Welding processes are carried out in accordance with the following methods: 111 MMA, 135, 136, 138 MAG, 121 Automatic, 141 WIG TIG. Our welders certification has been verified according to the EN ISO 9606-1:2013 standard. Our services are efficient, integrated and reliable. We emphasize employee safety and protecting of the environment.

Spectos – Quality you can trust
Welding and assembly services

Welding and assembly services

Complete objects and structures

Entire facilities and structures

We execute orders with partners

Services delivered to agreed destinations

Own welding and assembly hall

Dedicated welding and assembly production building

“The job was done diligently, ahead of time and the staff was very patient with our questions”

Marian Leszczyński

“Spectos was professional and the result was aesthetically pleasing . Each structure was delivered with the highest quality.”

Władysław Pasikowski

“Spectos was recommended to me and they proved to be a great partner in developing our production building. I now recommend them to others. “

Wojciech Rachoń